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Plan of Action

I do believe I owe you a post on More Mesa beach in California, especially as Lo Angeles magazine labeled it the best nude beach in “Los Angeles”…or maybe it was “California”, seeing as More Mesa is about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles proper. 

I also owe you a post on Pirate’s Cove nude beach…a post which absolutely must be written as it will save humanity…or at least that portion which plans on visiting Pirate’s Cove nude beach.

But I’m currently at a nudist resort here in Crete, surrounded by German nudists.   It’s great fun…you know, despite them being German.  Seriously, are they the most humorless people on earth?  But still, if this many brave the rain for the sake of nude swimming, I MUST visit Germany to partake in my naturist love.

I arrived here from Istanbul, which is a tale in and of itself…and with delightful news for you nudists who thought Turkey couldn’t possibly have nude beaches!

And Panarea, Italy was full of multiple surprises.  It combines everything I was meant for in life…nude beaches, sloth, and love. 

Nude on the beaches of Panarea

Nude on the beaches of Panarea


And you..you commentor, made a very good point.  Short and sweet is just as good as long and informative.  So stay tuned for more updates!  Or at least as long as I have internet service.

Peace out!



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A Confession

Ok, here’s the thing about yours truly.  I have horrid ADD.  I love this blog and I love nude beaches but when it comes time to actually writing about everything…I fail miserably.  The moment has passed, and writing about it only makes me miss it.

NO, I’m not giving up on you all.  I still have More Mesa and the complete travesty that was Pirate’s Cove to write about.  I’m just letting you know why this blog is so shitty.

As it happens, I’m working on something that I’ve been inspired by…I hope you’ll love it.  Wait a couple months….

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Yesterday I finally booked my hotel rooms for Amsterdam/Ostende/Paris in July.  I’m finally starting to get past the “I’m going to Europe!” phase and into the “(oh dear) I’m going to Europe!” phase.  Meaning I’m no longer excited in an amorphous delight at the prospect of finally jumping on the international travel bandwagon, but I’m now thinking of what to pack, what to see, and learning how to say “can you take a photo of me” in French.

I  think for the most part I’ve decided to wing the bulk of it.  I have a vague idea of what is in each location and will somehow make my way to the important bits.  Of course I have my nude beach going down pat.  One must always plan for that since most are so off the beaten path. 

Today the Satorialist had a photo of a girl on a bike.  His quote: I love that girls in NYC wear cute little dresses to ride their bikes.  I found it strangely indicative of my own planned adventures in Amsterdam. I’ve decided to pack all the too-short cute little dresses with which to ride my rented bike around that particular city.  There is something about travel that makes me inclined to do things I wouldn’t dream of in Houston.

It occurred me that this weekend is my first trip back to Hippie Hollow since the failed attempt back in February. Based on weather reports I have no fear that I will freeze my nipples off this time. Au contraire, I may very well be frying them off as the temp is set to reach the 90s!  But at least it will be partly cloudy.  I’ve found that my best experiences are when it’s warm out but threatening to rain.  It’s less crowded and the clouds are a welcome reprieve from the unbearable heat.  Then of course there’s the water…which always seems to be deliciously chilly.

In preparation I’ve finally filled my new ipodwith my old songs.  It’s needed on the 3-hour drive up (when my book on tape gets boring) and, more importantly, for laying out in the sun. On one rather unfortunate trip to Hippie Hollow my old ipod decided to die on me….only to resurrect upon my return home for some ungodly reason.  It not a fun trip.  What good is lying around nude with no soundtrack?   I won’t bore you with a complete song list (which is now reaching the 200 mark…my god but these things hold a lot of music!) but how’s this for a motley mix of recent additions:

  • Moonlight Sonata-Beethoven
  • The Bad Touch-Bloodhound Gang
  • I’m Like a Bird-Nelly Furtado
  • Anna-Gunnar Madsen
  • Doo Wop (That Thing)-Lauryn Hill
  • Sweet Talkin Woman-ELO
  • Atrevete-te-te-Calle 13
  • Aldonza-Man of La Mancha Soundtrack
  • Sexx Laws-Beck
  • Amor Divino-Cafe Tacuba
  • Big Pimpin-Jay-Z
  • Concerto for Trumpet-Telemann
  • Start all Over-Myley Cyrus

I  think most people have this kind of randomness but won’t admit it.

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I once read somewhere that it’s easier to make friends out of nudists than it is nudists out of friends. I’m inclined to think the same holds true for boyfriends and dates, though to a lesser extent. Lesser only because when it comes to the notion that sex may at some point come into the picture, guys will do just about anything. I say that based on experience.

I love men.

Anyway, I’ve decided that it would be nice to try actually visiting a nude beach under a less targeted status…namely that of a “couple”, as opposed to “single female.” It’s not that I don’t enjoy the attention…to a point; It’s that it would be nice to spend time being naked and lazy with someone I would know wasn’t psycho, lewd, boring, bothersome, or out for some ulterior motive.

The tricky part is introducing my love of nude beaches. Of course I haven’t officially become serious about my hunt for a partner (and trust me…it’s is hunting) because I have a wild and adventurous trip to Amsterdam planned, and I’d like to enjoy it guilt free. But preparation is everything. Most of my friends are men so I’ve asked each and received mixed reviews on the issue of when to bring it up. One said that stating it in my online profile would be an open invitation for weirdos, perverts, and players. Another pointed out that if I worded it right it would be ok. I decided to mention a certain nudist hang out nearby and leave it at that. Half the prospects won’t even know about it. The other half will either fall into the category of men listed above, or be into it. After a bit of weeding: Win, win!

And before any of you seasoned individuals start, yes I know about Nudistfriends.com. And yes, I am a member…with a head shot. I’ve thought of posting a “site appropriate” photo (from my *ahem* days). However, if you’ve been on the site you’ll know this: 90% of the profiles in or around my area have no photo. Understandable, but suspicious all the same. In regular dating lingo this spells: MARRIED. The 10% that are left seem to be a mix of people looking for an easy lay (because naturally if she’s into nude beaches she must be a slut) or seriously into nude beaches but not my cup of tea.

Of course that hasn’t stopped men from halfway around the world from contacting me. Side note: how come every European I know speaks 5 different languages and travels to 10 different countries “for work?”  What did I miss out on when choosing professions??? It would be very flattering if I was in or moving to, say, Germany (the number 1 suspect)…or any place in Europe, in which each country is so deliciously accessible. Damn the US for being so nationalistically anti-European Union…and, well, far away. I’d happily give up my citizenship and move in a heartbeat.

Right now I’m banking on meeting a guy while I’m in Europe who will fall head over heels in love and sweep me off to a life of nationalized health care and nude beaches for miles. A girl can dream.

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Long Time No Post

I know, I know…it’s been a while. But in all honesty, considering this is a travel blog and I’m no Jet Set Lara, there probably won’t be anything along the line of daily musings. My only aim is to post things down for posterity…for myself and you all. Specifically on the topic of nude beaches.

I own The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts, which is my own personal well-leafed bible. I highly reccomend it, if only for the photos of dreamy beaches that I will one day tan my ass on. But it helps to have a little logistical information about such things as how to get to specific beaches, especially since so many of them are off the beaten path. Or what the beaches and visitors are like.

So it’s my personal mission to give not only personal anecdotes but helpful 411 to make it easier for you fellow nudist to visit nude beaches around the world.

Case in point: I’m currently planning my trip to Amseterdam this July. I figured it would be a complete waste to fly all the way to Europe only to visit a beach in one country (members of the EU are so fucking lucky!). So I’m throwing in a trip to Belgium, which has one nude beach. But hell if I can get a clear idea of how to get from Amsterdam to said nude beach online. Yes there are lots of tidbits here and there and, pieced together, I have an idea…but wouldn’t it be nice if someone just laid it out plainly stating something along the lines of “you take train A from X station to Y Station then catch Bus B to City….”? That’s what I’m trying to accomplish. You can thank me any time.

Later on in October I’m going to try and finagle a business trip to Istanbul…then catch the train to Greece! The holy grail of nude beaches!

Stay tuned!

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This weekend I’m headed back up to Hippie Hollow.  Why so early in the year you ask?  Well 1) weather permits…and when weather permits, I’m gone! 2) It’s sort of a last splash so to speak before I’m out of commission for a while.  Long story that has no relevance whatsoever to this blog.

As for Number 1, the tempurature up there is designated to be in the 60s/70s this weekend. And yes it’s supposed to be “overcast” or “partly cloudy” but, pssst, here’s the secret: that’s actually a good thing.  Because I’ve been there in cloudiness, rain, chilliness, sunny weather, etc.  And the best by far is “partly cloudy”.  Lying on your bare ass all day, goodies exposed to the sun in all their glory, can be a bit…too much.  Occasionally you need a break in the form of a nice puffy opaque cloud.  Generally this works best mid-summer, mind you, but I have to make the best of what I’ve got…because I probably won’t make it back until First Splash (stay tuned!).

Anyway, last night I started packing. I’m sure I’ve done  a post on things needed for a road trip to Hippie Hollow, but hell…I’m doing it again!

Hippie Hollow Road Trip Necessities:

  1. Coffee:  I usually go bright and early before the sun rises so I can be first to pick a sweet spot by the lake.  Like all my mornings this requires coffee.  So I grab some at the 24 hour drive-thru place on Westhiemer.  Best way to start your trip
  2. Gas: I drive a mini SUV and I can get to Austin from Houston on a half tank of gas.  Fill up before you go…this is a rule of thumb for all road trips.
  3. Books on CD:You don’t want to waste the power in your music player (see below) by listening to tunes on the way there.  Besides you’ll be listening to those same tunes once you get there…keep them fresh!  Yes, Austin has kick as radio stations (more on that in another blog) but it’s a long while before you pick up a signal.  Audiobooks are an awesome way  to get there and back.  My suggestion? Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Best. Audiobook. Ever!  My current selections for tomorrow: Seize the Night by Dean R. Koontz and No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency by Alexander McCall. I’ve found suspense and chic lit (the latter of which I usually hate) are the best.
  4. $10: Entrance fee.  I’m not sure if they take cards…so be prepared.
  5. Yoga Mat: Trust me on this. I don’t do yoga, but I bought a nice thick juicy mat because otherwise the only thing between you and hard, rocky, uneven surfaces is a towel.  It’s rare to find a nice flat place and you want to minimize the digging of rock into the flesh at all costs.
  6. Beach towel: Bring 2.  One to lay on and one to roll up into a pillow.  Who needs to dry off when you have the sun?
  7. Anti fungal cream:Trust me on this one too. There is something not so nice in that water. It took me 5 different types of “ointment” to discover it’s a fungus.  I bought jock itch cream, which seems to do the job best. No comment.  I may also suggest ignoring my statement above and suggest thoroughly wiping off “down there” really well as soon as you get out of the water.  It’s the only drawback to that place.
  8. Music:I refuse to endorse ipod here because last time mine punked out on me.  But bring one if you have it, or your mp3 player or, if you’re really old school, cd/cassette walkman.  It gets boring just watching the lake and naked people (porn aficionados will get the latter) so music helps pass the time. It also helps tune out boat motors, perverts, annoying talkers, other people’s poor choice in music, and swingers right at the point where they suggest taking a shower back at their place.  Trust me, I’ve been there.
  9. Book:I’m a reader so a book is a must. If you aren’t a reader, become one…or hope you make friends.  Have you been in a doctor’s office or on a plane?  It’s like that only with a more enjoyable atmosphere.  And no one steals books.  But forget any illusions about keeping it in pristine condition; leave the 1st editions at home.
  10. Crossword puzzle:I’m also a crossword puzzler.  Yes, that’s a word (I made up).  I’m sure I’m giving all sorts of misinformation about the boredom at Hippie Hollow.  I’m not a social butterfly so my tastes are different.  I go to relax nude in the sun and occasionally swim.  I don’t want swingers hitting on me. I don’t want guys chatting me up.  I don’t want to be-friend other single females (of which I have yet to see btw).  But I do love my crossword puzzles.  If you love doing something bring it with you!
  11. Sturdy shoes:Forget the flip flops.  You know those rock climbing walls in the gym?  Add bushes, other people’s towels and coolers, trees, and the occassional nude bather and that’s what it’s like trying to get down to the water.  I’m bringing my tennies.
  12. Sunglasses:It’s like the beach…only not. Plus it helps you check out other people on the down low.  Oh come off it…..you know you’ll want to!
  13. Sunscreen with bug repellent:  I once met a fellow who had this amazing homemade stuff that supposedly protected you from the sun, allowed you a great tan, and repelled bugs all at the same time.   Since I no longer associate with said fellow *ahem* I had to resort to my own stuff. Sunscreen for obvious purposes, bug repellent because it’s a lake in warm weather. Add naked flesh and it’s like Club Med for mosquitoes.
  14. Food: I stay there all day and there are no restaurants, stands, or even vending machines.  You’re on your own.  Of course being a single female I can always count on some man/couple willing to share their fare in the hopes that….. But I never put all my eggs in that particular basket so I make sure to bring lots of goodies with me.
  15. Liquids:Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. The former just because you can!  Note: no glass is allowed in park…cans only.  The latter because you’ll need it. Something about being nude lying in the sun sucks all the moistness out of you.  By the end of the day don’t be surprised if you’ve gone through your whole recommended 8 oz. and be dying for more.
  16. Phone: The rangers give you a number to call if you are being harassed…especially if you are a young damsel who may find herself in distress.  Plus you may want to boast to all of your friends where you are.  But keep in mind that, much like in a restaurant, cell phone talkers are on the same level as smokers.  Meaning you may find people unwilling to share their beer with you… or at worst unwilling to come to your aid if you are drowning. 
  17. Rum:  Actually this isn’t so much for Hippie Hollow as it is for my room and board.  Meaning it’s the price I pay to a friend who has a particular fondness for mojitos and let’s me crash with him. 🙂

So there you go.  Stay tuned for a full report when I return!

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Google Search results:

  • Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ethiopia
  • Florida
  • Houston (!)
  • Washington DC
  • Ohio
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Sweeden
  • Tennesee
  • a convention
  • Israel
  • U.K. from India
  • Ensada, Mexico

Guess I’m not the only one…. 🙂

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