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…and being a nudist

….and being a female.

Prior to going to the Netherlands I happened to start communicating with a man living in England who is also a nudist (we met on a site geared towards that).  It just so happened that he went to Rotterdam quite a bit on business and, naturally, spent a lot of time at nude beaches in the Netherlands while he was there.  So he offered to be in Amsterdam at the same time as me and guide me to the nude beach at  Zandvoort.


So no sooner had I returned from said trip when I received a message from yet another man from said site* contacted me.  This time from Sicily.  Now when flipping through my handy dandy guide book on all beaches nude  I didn’t see much for Italy.  But this man lives on Sicily “in a house with a garden” and swims nude quite often in the volcanic waters off the coast.  Can you imagine!  So when he offered to host, I had no choice but to accept.

In my history I’ve met a lot of people (yes, mostly men) online.  And no one ever fails to tell me “be safe!” when I meet them…even some of the very men I’ve met in the same manner!  But I’m of the firm belief that the vast majority of men in the world are not psychotic murderers/rapists/maulers…they just like women.  And I like men.

However, I am noticing a difference here. Nothing to raise a red flag, just a difference in personalities between Brits and Italians, I guess.   With the Brit, there was A LOT of back and forth via e-mail, proper planning, full communication on both sides so that we could both be assured that we weren’t said psychotic murdering, raping, maulers.  With the Italian it went pretty much like this:

Him: hi [one sentence about me and where I live]

Me: hi, that sounds like a really great place to live.

Him: So I saw you travel a lot to nude beaches.  You should come here!

Me: I’d love to.  So tell me more about yourself.  Do you want to know anything about me?

Him: Well I would like to know if you can make it here to go swimming in the volcanic waters with me.

I’m in the process of drawing more info out of him. My instinct tells me he’s not being evasive, just less interested in “foreplay” than the actually getting to business portion.  I tend to be the same way so I sympathize.  Besides, we have a couple months to chit chat because I’m throwing caution to the wind and going.  But not stupidly.  I always tell two people where I’m going and who with…so they have as much info as I do.   If he ends up killing me, at least I’ll have experienced nude swimming in volcanic waters.

*I won’t mention the name of the site because I have a bit of personal information there and heaven knows one of you sneaky bastards will try and find me.  You know who you are!


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This week my coworkers have been all aflutter about my trip to Amsterdam next week.  Most of them are surprised I’m going alone.  One in particular proclaimed she would never travel that far alone.  Even my mom keeps hinting that maybe I might want to think about a group tour for some of my upcoming jaunts.

But I’m a loner and I always have been.  I pop in and out of relationships (if you can even call them that) at the speed of light.  Most of my friends are virtual (which makes them no less dear, mind you). Even my family is best kept in touch with via phone (save for mom).   So traveling alone is pretty much ideal for me. Plus, traveling as a single female has it’s bonuses.  Setting aside the fact that I get to do exactly what I want to, when I want to (morning person here), I usually have no problem meeting someone along the way.  Already I have plans to meet someone on my first day for a trip to the nude beach in Amsterdam.   And who knows who I’ll hook up with meet during the rest of the trip?

I’ll be the first to admit that there are some definite benefits to traveling with a buddy or group.  You’re less of a target. You often get better rates (so many places rip you off by charging a half room rate, meaning double if you are alone).  You also have someone to go along to places you might otherwise be a bit timid about going to.  Like say…a coffeehouse in Amsterdam! I have no significant experience with such fare (even college doesn’t count) but you can’t go to Amsterdam and not take advantage of it’s quasi legal status.  But I’m a novice and it will be quite clear.  And I’ve had…strange…experiences with pot.  So a partner in crime (so to speak) would come in handy.

Perhaps this is one I might save for future trips.  After all, if Amsterdam is as awesome as I think it will be, it will be worth it to get into a relationship and come back.

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They say if you want to do something, you just do it.  There are books and guides and blogs and gurus and yadda yadda yadda who tell you that nothing should get in the way of your dream.

But reality is what it is.

You may be asking why I started a travel blog, if my traveling is only intermittetnt.  For several reasons.

1) Mostly I want motivation.  I don’t need a reason to want to travel.  But I do need a reason to actually go through with it.  It’s all well and good to dream of sitting on a beach in a foriegn country watching the crystal blue waves crash on snow white sands.  It’s another to actually get off your ass and do it. 

2) Documentation. Having been on several travels already and collected a few bottles of sand, I wanted to put stories to those bottles so I could relive the experience.  With the travel I plan on doing there will be far more stories to come.

3) Help.  This blog is barely a newborn and already I’ve recieved one helpful bit of advice. I’ve also searched the internet, books, and magazines to find helpful information I could store here, in one place, to refer back to.  Hopefully it will help you the reader as well.

As for traveling, I do have a plan of action to actually get more done…to the tune of at least one trip a month.  This is just a bad year to do it for various reasons, including health, time, and finances.  But by the end of the year I shall be healthy, have more time (yay promotion!), and be financially sound enough to stop dreaming of the places I want to go…and just go!  

So don’t give up on me yet.  I promise it will get better.

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  1. I’m female. This will most definitely be an issue at some point.
  2. I’m Black (or African American have you). Based on what I’ve heard, I’m sure this will be an issue at some point.
  3. I’m single and most of my trips will be solo. On the chance I actually meet “The One” you’ll happily be a party to it
  4. I love nude beaches and fully plan on actively seeking them out when I travel. Even own a book on the topic
  5. I speak intermediate Spanish…that’s it.
  6. My travel fears are not the usual ones about health, safety, communication, and discomfort. I’m deathly afraid of ending up in a foreign prison. Not that I have any intention of doing anything that would land me in one
  7. I wear glasses. I have no doubt this will be a major burden during my travels. Lasik may come into play by the time I hit bottle 1,000

I’m sure I’ll learn more things about me that relate to travel…when I actually travel. But for now this is it.

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Bottles of Sand: The Goal

Speaking of status quo, this is my current collection of bottles of sand. I completely ripped the idea from a family profiled in Martha Stewart Living magazine. Basically they collected sand from every beach they had set foot on. See?

Long shot:

That’s what I wanted. So I filed it away for that amorphous time in my life when I’d finally be ready to see the world’s beaches. Well that time is now!
The Goal: Basically to collect 1000 bottles of sand before I’m 40. Considering I’m still 30 (for 1.5 months thank you very much!), it sounds like a lot of time, no? But it comes down to over 100 bottles per year, or almost 9 a month. That’s an average 9 different beaches, lake sides, river beds, sand pits, desserts, gravel pits, anywhere else I can nab something resembling sand per month!

Now it seems daunting huh?

The good news is, each individual location with it’s very own name counts. So even though two beaches may share the same water, sand, sun, city, country, and time zone, as long as they have different names they each get their own bottle. It may sound like cheating, but trust me, I’ve no intention of deliberately walking my way along the entire Mediterranean coast when I finally make it to the South of France, just to load up on bottles of sand. The point is to see the world…not go become a beach bum.
The good news is I love sand and I love water, so this should be loads of fun.

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I guess everyone starting a blog should begin with the “Why?”

But I think it’s important to give a little introduction here first. I am currently 1.5 months shy of my 31st birthday. It’s not nearly as daunting as 30 (or 29 for that matter) was.

Save one thing.

You know those people who live in touristy towns like Los Angeles, New York, Paris, etc. and always scoff at visiting friends when asked if they ever visit the Walk of Fame, Statue of Liberty, or Eiffel Tower, proclaiming that they “could do that anytime they wanted, silly!” So they don’t. Ever.

That’s me.

Before you get all hoity toity about the fact that I live in Houston and no one ever comes to Houston to “tour” (although we do have a rather interesting bedazzled armadillo), I’m not talking about my town. I’m talking about my planet!

Like everyone else I always wanted to travel and always assumed I would…someday. First school got in the way. Then it was work. Then it was money. Then it was time. Then it was lack of a boyfriend/partner/husband/ANYONE! to go with. Excuses, excuses, excuses….

Then my mom had to go and invite me on a trip to Israel this year and I realize exactly what I was missing while waiting for just the right circumstances. Well no more!
I’m on a mission. A mission to see the world (finally!), before I’m old and gray…as in 40. Just kidding! everyone knows 40 is the new 30. I just need motivation.
As for the bottles of sand. Stay tuned for the next blog.

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