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So another Halloween has come and gone.  This year instead of hiding out in my bedroom with only the nightlight on in the hopes that my house will be skipped over for tots seeking candy, I went to a party.  It’s not that I have a personal angst with kids out for a bit-o-Halloween fun, it’s just that my neighborhood gets about 2 trick-or-treaters a year and I see no sense in wasting money on candy or porchlight electricity if that’s all the bang I get for my buck.  I think at this point they have started traveling to other neighborhoods.

But this year I had the valid excuse of being reminded at the last minute that one of these local groups I’m a part of was headed to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to party like it’s 1985 (there was an 80’s music band playing). The event itself was about as enjoyable as I remember 1985 actually being.  Save for the Hummus and chili (which seems to be a Halloween tradition I was unaware of here in Houston, since we had the same thing at my work Halloween party), it was not enjoyable.  It would have helped to have found someone from my group to at least hang out and party with. Instead I was left watching men watch me, never gettiing the nerve up to ask me to dance.  What’s the matter with men these days?

But the outfit (recycled from last year) is turning out not to be a complete waste after all.  Today I was reading a recap by a woman who went to Burning Man and the idea hit me that maybe my original plan of playing voyeur in just a tee shirt and shorts should be usurped by being perfectly wildly uninhibited…and putting those wings and halo to good use!  Now I just have to find some black body glitter….


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