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Long Time No Post

I know, I know…it’s been a while. But in all honesty, considering this is a travel blog and I’m no Jet Set Lara, there probably won’t be anything along the line of daily musings. My only aim is to post things down for posterity…for myself and you all. Specifically on the topic of nude beaches.

I own The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts, which is my own personal well-leafed bible. I highly reccomend it, if only for the photos of dreamy beaches that I will one day tan my ass on. But it helps to have a little logistical information about such things as how to get to specific beaches, especially since so many of them are off the beaten path. Or what the beaches and visitors are like.

So it’s my personal mission to give not only personal anecdotes but helpful 411 to make it easier for you fellow nudist to visit nude beaches around the world.

Case in point: I’m currently planning my trip to Amseterdam this July. I figured it would be a complete waste to fly all the way to Europe only to visit a beach in one country (members of the EU are so fucking lucky!). So I’m throwing in a trip to Belgium, which has one nude beach. But hell if I can get a clear idea of how to get from Amsterdam to said nude beach online. Yes there are lots of tidbits here and there and, pieced together, I have an idea…but wouldn’t it be nice if someone just laid it out plainly stating something along the lines of “you take train A from X station to Y Station then catch Bus B to City….”? That’s what I’m trying to accomplish. You can thank me any time.

Later on in October I’m going to try and finagle a business trip to Istanbul…then catch the train to Greece! The holy grail of nude beaches!

Stay tuned!


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