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I’m a SoCal gal.  Meaning I hail from California.  Each year I go back for Christmas since I get at least a week off.  I like going back.  This is mostly because Houston gets damn cold in the winter. And I don’t want to hear it from you New Englanders and Midwesterners.  50 degrees is damn cold!

So I’m quite used to packing t-shirts and tank tops and shorts and perhaps the one pair of jeans and a sweatshirt and fully enjoying the warm sunny sunshine. Now it looks as though the reverse is true.  Apparently a rare 50 year Arctic Blast has hit my home state.  The irony is, the next few days here in Houston will be in the balmy 70s.  This after getting my first patch of snow last week.

This normally wouldn’t bother me, even though my mom has this thing about turning up the thermostat but apparently doesn’t have this thing about buying down comforters (a lessen I learned myself here in Houston the hard way early on).  However, I had this whole long trip planned down and up the PCH to the amazing array of nude beaches along the coast.  Blacks, Pfiefer, Red, White & Blue, etc….  And now those plans have been thwarted; because I love being nude on a beach as much as the next person, but even my nipples have their breaking point.  You might have wondered why I’d even plan such a thing in winter anyway.  But  that’s the beauty of not having seasons!!  It never ever changes.  That’s why so many people want to live there. 

So now I have to figure out what to do with my rental car for 2 weeks in LA.  What would you do with 100% free time, a rental car,  and limitless options in Cali?


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Traveler’s Century Club

I’m sure that this is old news to anyone who is at all passionate about traveling, but apparently there is an official club you can join once you have achieved the lofty goal of visiting 100 countries: The Traveler’s Century Club.

Looking at the site and reading about it, I’m not sure how interested I am in joining…other than the idea of having got 100 countries under my belt.  It looks like an Old Boys’ Club, a definite throwback to the 19th century. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any vetting process in terms of getting in, other than a filled application and *cough* “membership fee.”   How does one even prove that they’ve been to 100 countries anyway.

The funny thing is, their list of “countries” seems rather…liberal. They separate out Alaska as a separate country (insert Palin joke here) but not Hawaii.  Lucky for me Puerto Rico is a country as well, instead of just a territory.  I still plan on listing it as one when I update my list to the right.  Must be honest after all!

I suppose I can still add this into my pile of motivators to start traveling more.

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  • Map of the World/USA: $7.95
  • Yellow & Red Pins to mark the places you’ve been: $8.95
  • Painter’s Tape to hang maps up (temporarily!): $0 (left over from regretable paint job in living room)
  • Motivation to get off my ass and travel!: Priceless.

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