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Plan of Action

I do believe I owe you a post on More Mesa beach in California, especially as Lo Angeles magazine labeled it the best nude beach in “Los Angeles”…or maybe it was “California”, seeing as More Mesa is about 2 hours outside of Los Angeles proper. 

I also owe you a post on Pirate’s Cove nude beach…a post which absolutely must be written as it will save humanity…or at least that portion which plans on visiting Pirate’s Cove nude beach.

But I’m currently at a nudist resort here in Crete, surrounded by German nudists.   It’s great fun…you know, despite them being German.  Seriously, are they the most humorless people on earth?  But still, if this many brave the rain for the sake of nude swimming, I MUST visit Germany to partake in my naturist love.

I arrived here from Istanbul, which is a tale in and of itself…and with delightful news for you nudists who thought Turkey couldn’t possibly have nude beaches!

And Panarea, Italy was full of multiple surprises.  It combines everything I was meant for in life…nude beaches, sloth, and love. 

Nude on the beaches of Panarea

Nude on the beaches of Panarea


And you..you commentor, made a very good point.  Short and sweet is just as good as long and informative.  So stay tuned for more updates!  Or at least as long as I have internet service.

Peace out!



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