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It’s bound to come out eventually in this blog so I might as well get it out now, while it’s at least relevant.  I’m a raging liberal.  So obviously I’m very proud of my country today.  And since there is no travel related news going on I’ll just go through my day here in Houston.

Free coffee from Starbucks because i voted

ditto donut from coworker (I personally hate Krispy Kreme so didn’t miss that one):

By far the best was Ben & Jerry’s.  Apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought so:

Mmmm…cookie dough:

Then it was off to the Crowne Plaza…with every other Democrat in the city.  It was packed and crowded and the vegetables were limp and warm.  I could barely even see the TV. But at least I made an appearance:

So I joined my pals at Drinking Liberally to enjoy the Change America Needs at Ernie’s  on Banks:

Horaay for America.  Horaay for President Barack Hussien Obama!


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Every fall, which is really the best time to be thinking about quilts, Houston hosts the International Quilt Festival. Rumor has it that it even usurped an event by George Bush as it’s the single most popular event to take place at the George R. Brown Convention Center.  I believe it.

One of my great loves in life, aside from nude swimming, is fabric.  I love collecting it and dreaming of the things I might one day do with it–like make quilts.  So the International Quilt Festival is a wonderful world of inspiration for yours truly.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Side Note: I’ll try to avoid using my camera phone for indoor photos in the future.

There was a political theme in one of the areas.  These were my favorites:

Obama.  A man, very likely republican, got rather upset at this one:

Until he discovered that there was a McCain quilt…right across the aisle (ba-dump-bump):

There were also several political quilts, non-partisan:

And quite partisan:

There were also traditional quilts.  My bias leans towards colorful, so I snapped photos of those:

There were also embellished quilts:

Alot of quilting involes appliqué something which I find tediously difficult (when done correctly), so I was rather impressed by these:


Minature quilts:

I was rather impressed by this one, which is maybe the size of a legal sheet of paper:

This one just looked cool:

But hands down best are the art quilts. Looking at all the ways fabric can be transformed into a picture is impressive:


Each one of these leaves is a single bit of fabric:

My personal favorite:

Up close, it also has embellishments:

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Houston My Hometown

If it hasn’t become apparent to you yet, it soon will–for a travel blog, I certainly don’t do much traveling!  This is true.  Like most Average Janes I’m stuck in my hometown dreaming of the day when I can finally get away.  So what to write about in the meantime?

Since you will no doubt get tired of reading my rants and raves about plotting and planning trips which may very well be months away I thought I might as well take this opportunity to write about my (current) hometown of Houston.  So each Monday I’ll post about the things I love, and you might too!, about this city of mine.

When I first mentioned interviewing for a job down here, it was described to me by two different people as: the armpit of hell.  In summer I’m hard pressed not to agree with them.  But then every city has it’s drawbacks.  I grew up in Los Angeles and there it was the smog, earthquakes, fires, and cost of living. I lived in Seattle and there it was the rain, rain, and RAIN. But then each city also has something to offer as well.

So tune in every Monday to find out what there is to love about this town of Houston.

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