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Topless in NYC

I’m totally into nudism. However, I have this…thing about being topless.  I’ve heard that there is a vast difference between “nude” and “topless” no matter where you go.  In Europe women seem to have no problem trotting out to the beach in nothing more than a thong.  But based on stories I’ve read, they scoff at the idea of removing that last vestige of clothing, and from where it has to be the most irritating.  Here in the USA topless might as well be defined as “guys come and get your visual kicks.”   I think it’s the inequality.  Men always go topless so it’s nothing new for them.  But force them to take off their bottoms and all of a sudden the playing field is leveled.

But last week I cam across this project regarding women going topless in NYC, where it is legal.  Apparently this seems to create the same sort of level playing field I find so attractive on nude beaches.  Ah well, to each his her own.   Maybe when I make it up there I’ll actually get it and exercise my freedoms.

These are my favorite photos.  Warning: society has yet to step up to the plate regarding the nonsexualization of the female body.  So you may very well get into trouble looking at these at work.

This one Click for longish quote.  Worth it.

This one. Quote: “Don’t confuse nudity with sexuality. When you take your clothes off, you are what you are. You’re not hiding anything”).

This one. Excerpt: “A clothed woman can be far more provocative than a naked one.”

I totally relate to this one. Quote: “When you’re boobs are as big as mine, they’re like an extra pair of arms.”

This made me laugh. Quote “Breasts aren’t obscene. The war in Iraq is obscene!”


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