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Name Drop Alert: On Sunday I went to brunch with my mom at the St. Regis in Orange County (somewhere).  The maitre de tried to sit us at a table I didn’t like so I requested one I did.  Kudos for him for doing it without making too much of a fuss.  It was only after removing the “Reserved” sign that I figured out it was meant for someone else…that someone being Magic Johnson and family.  So not only did I steal his table but I got to stuff my face with bespoke pancakes (mine had nuts and sprinkles) 6 feet away from him the whole time.

Back to the beach….

I was very much looking forward to Black’s Beach as it is not only legally clothing optional but it’s one of the most well known nude beaches in the country.  It even has its own page.  The directions in the Nude Beach Biblewere a little sparse, so I did my own digging and found this one.  For the most part it’s right on…up to the actual trail portion.  From what I saw, once you park…all roads lead to Black’s. 

You guys have every right to hate me, because once again I failed to take photos.  But you will love me for this one little bit of info: go to the bathroom before you go.  In fact, don’t go ANYWHERE NEAR the port-o-potties they have set up.  I won’t even describe what I saw…I trust that alone will explain things. 

Anywhoo, this hike down to the beach was far less alarming than that of San Onofre. There were actual steps, and the fact that I followed a toddler down should alieve any worry you may have about it.  That said, it isn’t by any means short at all. You will still get the vertigo thing happening if you dare to look beyond the steps in front of you, so tread carefully.

Once I was down on the beach, it was hard to figure out where the “nude section” was because there was such a broad mix of clothed and non clothed people.  If I had to guess I’d say 60/50 in favor of nudists.  Not wanting to be too much in the spotlight I turned right and walked about 50-100 yards and set up camp in an empty space.  This being Labor Day, there were few and far between.  Yes, it was damn crowded!  

As it turns out I picked the perfect spot because I was right below the hang glide base.  My favorite thing about this beach, and one that will keep me coming back despite easily being an hour past San Onofre and having no bathrooms at all, is that I got to lie back and watch the colorful hang gliders go by.  Most beaches, period, are rather dull, even when you have a variety of naked bodies to ogle.  But mix lovely weather, a great playlist on your ipod, a delicious gala apple, and the lazy prettiness of watching colorful parachutes glide in the sky and you have yourself a winner of a beach.  Of course this was Labor day so there were probably more nude bodies and hang gliders than usual, but it’s worth a go anyway.

I wasn’t approached by anyone, but I did manage to attract a nice little circle of men around me.  That was fine as they were all nude.  More men should really get up the nerve to talk to women, if only to say hi.  It gets boring sitting alone.  Of course one pulled out his cell phone so I glared at him and gave him my ass.  Again, come on guys!

The water here is fine, chilly like all water along the California coast.  Beware! The fact that the bathroom facilities are not only lacking, but a long hike up gives people only one other option.  Don’t hate!  When you gotta go, you gotta go, and it’s a big ocean.  Don’t worry…mine was only first class and I was well away from anyone else.  Can’t speak for others though, and there are a lot of people, so don’t be surprised to find a floater or two.  The sand is fine and free of rocks, sticks, and other things that might hurt your soles.  It gets really hot though so be careful. 

There are the same oglers you’d find at any “optional” beach, they just blend in better here because there is so much to look at.  There are also children, which is rare for the states.  None were nude of course (heaven forbid we lose that good old American puritanical spirit) but they happily played and frolicked with their perfectly nude parents.  That was refreshing. 

By mid afternoon I needed to call it a day.  I was nicely tan, out of apples, hot, sandy, and more importantly wanted to miss the I-5 traffic, which is a total bitch; Everyone loves California…sigh.  The hike back up the stairs was a pain in the butt…and thighs.  It’s long and if you are in the same shape as me (note: I do interval training 3 times a week and lift weights), you’ll need breaks.  Why do all the US nude beaches involved mountain climbing?

Black’s Beach pros:

  • Hang gliders to watch
  • Lots of people, including kids
  • Legal
  • Good sand

Black’s Beach Cons

  • Bathroom facilities
  • Questionable water
  • Lots of people, including kids
  • Taking I-5 to get there

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Yes, it has been a while since posting.  But the next few months will be a whirlwind of travel and nude beaches!  Stay tuned.  Apparently some of my anonymity has gone by the wayside…so be it!  Everyone I know knows I love nude beaches and in the spirit of promoting it as a perfectly healthy, innocuous, family friendly activity that has no right being shunned or prohibited feel free to figure out my real name and put a face to the blog.   Blargh!

Anyhoo, this past week I went back home to sunny California.  There were some disappointments and some happy revelations.  Since most of my friends are not all that into nude sun bathing (go figure!) I didn’t get to hang out with many of them.  Also, the best cupcake shop on earth has closed for business (damn you economy!).

But we all know what you came here for, right?  Originally my plan was to go to all the nude beaches along the California Coast.  But when I got there, the joy at being with family and friends, and, frankly, relaxing the way one should while on vacation got the better of me and I decided to make it a half trip instead.

My first stop right after landing was San Onofre in San Diego county.  The entire impetus for this trip was San Onofre, which news reports had mentioned would be going “officially” textile after Labor Day 2009.  Not wanting to have missed out on the fun I decided to join the last hurrah. 

Practical Info: The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts  (a must have for the traveling nudist) has the directions down right.  Take the 5 and exit on San Onofre/Basilone.  Here’s the thing: just keep going.  If you are driving south on the 5, turn right and go, go, go until you hit the park entrance.  I made the mistake of turning oon one of the side streets because, HELLO!, no signs.  Don’t do that.  Just go straight for a (long) while and you’ll get there.  Then once in the park drive, drive, drive until you hit the very last parking lot.  Trail 6 down to the beach will be there.

The funny thing is, there are at least two signs at the front entrance “strictly prohibiting” nudity.  Of course once I actually made it down to the beach there had to be at least 200 naked people in the “nude section,” the south part of the beach..ha, ha, ha.  Of course, after Labor Day, who knows…but a regular told me they always threaten to start ticketing and nudists still keep coming as usual.  As of September 2009 the entry fee was $15.  This seems to be a recent price hike since the guy after me was bitching about it.  I guess they need to fund the anti-nudity Gestapo that will be going around ticketing people for showing off what Mother Nature gave us.  Sigh!

As stated, trail 6 is the one you want to take down to the beach, as it’s the nearest trail to the nude section.   There are two ways to get down to the beach: the long road, which takes longer or the short cut which may very well break your neck.  You’ll see the shortcut well enough, mostly because veterans will be hiking down it carrying everything from surfboards to coolers, the same way high wire acts manage to juggle balls while walking the tightrope.  But seriously, if you get vertigo, have a fear of heights, have a fear of falling, have on flimsy shoes, or just generally value the one-piecedness of your bones and body…do yourself a favor and take the long road.  Yes it will add 20 minutes to your total walk, but you’ll be happy about it later.  I made the mistake of taking the shortcut only to find out too late that it was not at all safety-friendly and ended up scooting down on my ass much to the amusement of fellow beach goers. Once down on the beach, turn left and (hopefully, if the protests don’t fall on deaf ears) you’ll see plenty of happy nudists enjoying the beach.  There is a goodish mix…all adults.  Mostly men, but enough women to balance it out. The usual dense crowd of gay men, seconded only by solo men (who may or may not be gay).  A fair number of hetero couples and female groups as well.  As usual, I was the only single female I saw.

The south part of the beach pretty much goes on nude forever…even into the military section beyond the flimsy chain link fence.  I’m not advocating going past the fence (or violating the “law” by going nude after Labor Day), but you should know that there are several gaps in it, and plenty of nude sun bathers beyond it.  Your choice!

I found myself a pretty little spot away from the cliques (I hate nudist cliques) but near enough to be noticed (any nudists who says they don’t have at least some exhibitionism in them are lying).  I stripped and laid back to enjoy the sun.  Around the same time I realized I’d ignored the number 1 rule of nude sun bathing. BRING WATER! (seriously!), an Italian gentleman walked by and introduced himself.  He had a bottle of water so I happily welcomed his company.  I agreed to move over to his umbrella on the promise that I could have some of his water, which turned out to be warm but I didn’t care.  It pays to be a female nudist :).

The beach itself is nice enough…especially since SoCal weather is rarely a disappointment.  According to my friend the rocks that were piled on the sand were a recent event.  I loved the look of them so grabbed some to have their own bottle in my collection. There are also a lot of sticks and things in the sand, making it not so nice to walk on barefoot. But when you get to the water you notice a lot of gold flecks in the sand.  Not enough to go panning or anything, but enough to make it a spectacular change from the average beach!

Unfortunately I forgot to snap my usual photos.  I should have at least taken one of the trail so you would see I’m not some big sissy, but I was too busy trying to keep my neck from breaking! And on the beach, well, decorum dictates that cameras are a no-no.  That didn’t stop the Italian and I from snapping each other.  Thankfully it was all my camera because he came out looking like some Adonis (seriously…Italians are all blessed, if you know what I mean) while I came out looking like a beached whale…a tan beached whale, but a whale all the same.  Sigh!  Naturally those photos have been deleted thank you very much. The good news is, nudists are so forgiving of flaws! 

The rest of the day is a blur….meaning none of your damn business.  Then I headed home to spend time with mom.

San Onofre Pros:

  • Large nudist population, at least pre-ban
  • Lovely California weather
  • Gold flakes in the sand near water, worth that alone
  • Public restrooms (before the hike down to the water though)

San Onofre Cons:

  • Fee to enter park
  • Legality of nudism an issue
  • Long hike down to the beach
  • Sand full of rocks and sticks

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1. Legality:I goodish number of “nude” beaches are not technically legally nude.  I’d say half the beaches I’ve been to have been that way.  Usually it’s tradition or remoteness that causes a beach to become nude.  If nudists have been going to a beach for years and years with no problem, many law enforcement personnel will look the other way…until some busybody starts complaining.  On the other hand, sometimes you have a case where the beach is so remote that any prude who happens by  would be unlikely to find any law enforcement located conveniently close by to bitch to.   But these things do happen, and it always makes nude sunbathing a daring proposition.

2. Public Facilities. So often nude beaches are located so far off the beaten path, it makes no sense for the government or who ever owns the land to provide places to practice basic hygiene.   This usually means either hiking it back to civilization, or going the way of the cave man and doing your business in the bushes or water. 

3. Vending.  On popular beaches you can easily find at the very least carts to buy hot dogs, cotton candy, over-priced soda, and stores selling beach stuff like towels, flip flops, etc.   On nude beaches you are usually left to fend for yourself.  I have to attribute this to remote locations or the low volume of customers.  In my opinion, someone could make a killing at a place like Hippie Hollow in Austin.  Of course the Europeans get it right….there was a full blown restaurant and bar on Zandvoort in the Netherlands.  Oh Europe, why must you always show us up?

4. Oglers.  Oglers are always a problem at nude beaches.  Ok, mostly in America so far as I’ve seen.  Yes there was a bit going on in Bredene, Belgium while I was there…but I think that may have been 1) I was the lone person (female) there and 2) I was black (?).   In the US I’ve fond the oglers fall into one of two groups (and yes, this is going to be perfectly racist/sexist…but true!): fully clothed Latino males and white males in swimsuits.  I’m not sure what the deal is with Latino men, but 100% of the time, without fail, this is the case.   Frankly, it’s disappointing. Of course there are other male nudists who ogle, but they don’t count….unless they pull out the cell phone.  Come on guys, you think we don’t know what you’re doing???

5. Difficulty of Access.  This is a big one for me, because of my unfortunate accident.  Usually you have to hike a long, and often difficult trail to get to a nude beach. At Hippie Hollow it’s the boulders you have to hike down.  In Puerto Rico it was a trail full of spiky bushes.  In California it was always a steep vertigo-inducing cliff.  At the very least you will have to hike to the tail end of a public textile beach.  This is pretty much a given for any nude beach I’ve ever been too…and probably will be the case when I’ve visited them all.  If you know any different let me know and that will be the next place on my list!

6. Sexuality:I’m no prude and I have no problem with people, nude or non-nude, who want to make out on the beach.  The only implication is,  it’s then assumed that you yourself will dabble with anyone who comes along.  Yes, you’ll find a lot of swingers at nude beaches.  Yes, you’ll find a lot of hanky panky going on in the bushes.  No, not every single female, or couple you see is interested in a threesome, wife swapping, public shagging, or going home to “take things further” with you.  It’s ok to ask…but just because you share your beer with me doesn’t mean I have to go home with you.

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So, having figured out the Belgian “Coast” Tram system, the next day I ate my 5 Euro breakfast of chocolate croissant, OJ, coffee, and brie cheese, grabbed my towel, had the front desk watch my luggage, and was off to Bredene!

Or so I thought.

You really do have to pay attention to the digital schedules posted at the tram stops.  My first tram took me all the way to Oostende station…and right back to Marie-Joseplein station again. Then I actually paid attention, caught the tram to Knokke and was on the right trail.  Once you get into Bredene there are signs posted that let you know that the Naturiste beach is coming up.  The stop you want to get off at is Bredene Rebaan. 

You will see a sign right across from the stop letting you know you are in the right place.

Bredene naturist sign

Bredene naturist sign

 Once you cross the way, there is a tunnel you go through that has some lively graffiti (or art?) along the walls:

wall art

wall art

For those of you who like to live vicariously…

Once out of the tunnel, you hike along a short trail toward the beach and see yet more signs:

And more signs:

And in case you missed the first 50…more signs:

One can only assume with the many signs and various translations, the Belgians really don’t want you to get lost…or maybe they just think nudists are dumb.

Since it had been raining all morning and, thankfully, just cleared up in time for my arrival, I was not surprised to find this:

Belgian nude beach

Belgian nude beach

Yes, I had the entire nude beach to myself.  But not for long!  No sooner had I stripped down to my birthday suit, when, not one, but two lifeguard trucks sped in to keep watch over me, lest I drown in the sand.  I also had the boys volleyball tournament in the next beach plot over to keep an eye on me.  All in all I felt very secure. 🙂

Stripping off!

Thankfully the Gods of Naturism blessed me with a few hours of sunshine, so I wouldn’t completely freeze my ass off. 

Bredene nude beach view

  One other person did later come to the beach as well but he never made a formal introduction. After a few hours the clouds decided to make an appearance again.  So I was off.  Fortunately I had a bakery full of mini eclairs, cream puffs, chocolate croissants, and crepes, and a bar with great Belgian beer to tide me over until my train for Paris left later in the day.

End note: Being Belgium’s only naturist beach, the beach I was at is usually so filled to capacity on nice days that they are thinking of expanding it.  I will admit that the nude portion is about the size of a football field. At least someone in the world is headed in the opposite direction of most places that want to lessen the amount of space people have to go nude…I’m looking directly at you America!

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On July 4th, I celebrated the birth of our nation…by leaving!  I headed off on a long awaited trip to Europe to, in part, taste the delights of naturist beaches on foriegn territory. 

Bye bye Houston!

Let me start off by saying that my Continental international flight did not disappoint.  OK, well the fee based booze is kind of a downer but it’s more than made up for by the 300+ movie options available for viewing so you don’t get thoroughly bored during the 9-10 hour flight across the pond, which is in and of itself boring, being mostly over water and then mostly over clouds.   Food was quite tasty too.

But you didn’t come here for a critique of Continental airlines, so on with the full report.  I met up with The Guy in the Centraal Station as agreed. We both agreed that we look much better in person (blast my unphotogenic genes!).  I left it up to him to guide me to Zandvoort, which is one of three nude beaches I’d learned about in the Netherlands. Basically you take the train to Zandvoort, exit and head North (or go left when facing the beach). The town itself is rather blah and looked almost like a ghost town.  I guess when your country spends most of the year in gloomy rain beach towns have no reason to stay pretty and exciting.  But the weather was halfway decent so there was a good amount of people around.

If you are headed to the naturist section of the beach, wear comfortable shoes.  I had on these snazzy flip flops and ended up with a nice little blister on my first day of vacation!  The walk is a good 30-45 minutes total, part of that over sand filled with sea shells.  This is the pathway that leads towards the nude section, which is a good 20 minutes onward from here:

Walk to Zandvoort nude beach

Walk to Zandvoort nude beach

As per the rules of naturism I couldn’t take too many photos on the actual beach itself.  There were lounge chairs to lie on that supposedly cost 6 Euros to rent.  The Guy  and I opted to lie on our towels on a little dune above the others.  It was an interesting mix of obvious veterans and definite long-time-no-nudism-ers.  I’m happy to report that not everyone was gorgeous and fit. The Guy  had spent the prior week in Cape d’Agde and pointed out that the women there were.  Damn the French and their secret to looking good!  Though I can’t complain, I ate richly and still came back weighing less than I did going…they’re good for something I guess.  But more on that later.

One thing that was a new experience was seeing naked children mixed among the adults. Naturally America would never allow this sort of Abomination but looking at it in action it seemed perfectly natural.  Actually it was rather sweet and enjoyable.  Should my rigorous birth control regime fail me I would happily bring my kids with me to frolic nude on the beach.

There was, conveniently enough, a cafe where you could eat in the nude as well, appropriately titled Adam and Eva. It was too far out for regular beach goers so everyone there was either nude or partially nude (some put on clothes to sit down and because it got rather chilly occasionally).  I snuck a surreptitious photo of it:

Adam and Eva

Adam and Eva

We ordered hamburgers and they were….different.  The meat was odd but not in an untasty sort of way.  They put carrots and cucumbers on their burgers there, and, disgustingly, lots of mayo and ketchup.  No mustard.   While I was there one man kept staring and smiling.  It got so blatant I felt almost as though I should invite him over or something!  It’s good to know people are at least friendly, or at best think I look A-OK when nude.  Any boost to the ego helps.  More on this later as well.

We spent the afternoon varying between freezing, when the sun went behind clouds and the wind got stronger, and burning, when the wind died down and the sun came out.  I think that makes for the best day really, you never get too anything and feel the need to leave.  We spent the time talking, during which I laid bare my past…something which I’m 100% certain had an impact on him later offering to take me to the Red Light District.

It was the perfect lead in to my vacation and a perfect day at the beach.  One thing to note: the seagulls sound like cats getting strangled. That was a new one on me.

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Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

In preparation for my trip next week to Amsterdam/Oostende/Paris I decided to try out a local nudist “resort” called Emerald Lake here in Houston.  Since I’m meeting someone at the nude beach in the Netherlands I wanted to arrive with a uniform body color.  It just wouldn’t do to have him think I’m some sort of novice at this.

Why it never occurred to me to try out Emerald Lake before is beyond me.  I like Austin and do have a sort of love for Hippie Hollow, but gosh it’s so much better to drive 30-45 minutes to a local lake than it is 3 hours to Austin.   But everyone who does this had always pointed to Hippie Hollow so that was the “in” place to be.  After going this past weekend to Emerald Lake I think that’s my new local nudist hang out.

The website didn’t mention anything about hours and had something there about introducing yourself so people don’t think you’re some sort of perv (my words).  So I sent an e-mail asking about hours and introducing myself as a fellow nudist!  Just so you know, the office hours are from 10-6.  This gave me time to dilly dally around Saturday morning, as opposed to my usual break of dawn take-off for Hippie Hollow to score the best spots.

Around 9:30 I headed north to Emerald Lake from midtown.  Being Saturday morning the traffic was mild. When I got on 494 loop searching out the place I finally passed what looked like a steel fenced warehouse with one sign that said Emerald Lake.  I guess I was sort of expecting something resembling  the entrance to a campground or national park or something.  In retrospect it makes since to have corrugated fencing because heaven knows the lookie-loos would congregate in force if they didn’t.  Also in retrospect I should have taken a photo to show you what the outside looks like so you’ll know what to look for should you decide to take a visit.

There is a buzzer on the outside which you press and hold and the gate opens for you. It’s not so much a resort as it is a campground.   There is an office/clubhouse/boardinghouse, a lot of picnic tables, places to pitch a tent, and several campers further out.  As it turns out the lake is the permanent residence of several members.  Oh what a life…. The owner recognized me from my e-mail when I stopped to pay my $30 (non-AANR fee) and sign the drowning waiver and show my ID.  Only 18 and up there.   Then I got the grand tour from a regular female member.

The clubhouse has a TV and a pool table.  Supposedly at night they have a lot of fun because there is also a dance floor, complete with disco ball and DJ table. Although I’m only in this for the swimming and all-over tan I may hang around one day just for the experience.  They also have sodas for a dollar if you forget drinks (a must have for any nude beach experience).  Someone there came up with a really neat idea for towels that hang over the back of your chair and have pockets for all your change, sunscreen, etc.  Towels are another must have, especially at a resort where you’d rather not want to sit where someone’s bare ass has been before, anymore than they want to sit where yours has been.  There are also basic, but neat and clean, rooms to stay in if you decide you want to spend the night.  Washing machines, showers, bathrooms, yadda yadda yadda.

Here’s where Emerald Lake and Hippie Hollow are different.   Hippie Hollow certainly gets more crowds, especially during certain times of year.  So by default it’s also more diverse.  Not racially…nudism is still pretty darn white (despite the tans 🙂 ).    Not a problem for me if it’s not a problem for them.  But at Hippie Hollow you’ll find young and old (though the standard, as in most places, seems to be middle aged). You’ll find people who are obviously well educated and upper class and people who obviously aren’t and everyone in between.  Swingers abound.  Single men into the scene and single men looking to “see.”  LOTS of gay men, a sprinkling of female couples, a rare single female.  It’s always something new.

BUT the following are the reasons why I like Emerald Lake better (and it will give you a nice tidy summary of the place:

  • Lounge chairs.  They have a good number of them there for you to sit or lie on, either on the beach by the lake or on the grass.  Anyone who’s been to Hippie Hollow will see this alone as a HUGE bonus.  IF you can find a flat space at HH to lie/sit on, you still have to bring a chair or (thick) yoga mat to pad your ass.  Towels alone don’t cut it.  There are also umbrellas to shade you when the sun starts to get to you.
  • Floaty stuff.  They have scads of stuff from those floating tube things to those floating bed things.  I stuck with the tubes so I could at least get wet.  At HH you bring your own.  They also have canoes and one of those zip sliders for jumping off of into the lake.
  • Amenities.  It is nice to not have to hike to get to the bathroom or, as in the case of my lazy ass, use the lake (1 not 2!).   Plus they have drinks when you find out you haven’t brought enough (trust me you will) and face the idea of cozying up to some questionable man/couple who think you’ll join him/them later on.  Hot tub. Check. Place to cool off inside. Check
  • Cool People.  In retrospect I have not been very kind here on my blog to some members of the nudist community.  I’ve learned that just because someone is missing their front teeth and talks with verrry southern accent it doesn’t mean they can’t be friendly. Having lived in Texas long enough I’m not instantly put off by an accent from round these parts.  And at Emerald Creek they were quite heavy.  And lots of tattoos.  And a fair amount  of smoking. For the most part the clientele is pretty monolithic group.  But they most certainly were friendly to me.  But then again, the nudist life is rather sweet for single females.  The owner even mentioned giving me a discount on the year-membership because I was one.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Smoking.   The beach is rather small and when someone lights up the smoke is bound to get to you.  And at least a few people did. But I’m sensitive to that.
  • Warm Water.  In all fairness Houston has been breaking records all week.  But the water was quite warm, offering little in the way of relief from the sun. There were pockets of cool water near my feet.  I’m guessing when the weather isn’t so unbearable it’s better. 
  • Dirty Water. The water at Hippie Hollow is not exactly spring clean, but here there were bits of floating fauna.  Apparently one of the members does usually clean it up  on a regular basis and since so many people were complaining about it this is unusual.
  • Lake animals.  I did see a turtle or two pop it’s head up.  But everyone kept talking about how the turtles snap and the fish nibble and when you’re naked that’s not something you want to hear. Watch your goodies!

In sum Emerald Lake is a great alternative to Hippie Hollow, especially if you live in Houston.   One I certainly plan on visiting often. It’s slightly less anonymous as everyone seems to know everyone else.  But if you want to be left alone, people will respect that.   There is less opportunity for the sorts of shenanigans that go on at Hippie Hollow, which may or may not be a good thing depending on your point of view.  You won’t have to worry about some asshole snapping your photo with his cell phone.  Guys and couples will be more hesitant about making advances.  In fact they seemed to be fairly wary of single men who arrived, polite but watchful.

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Something New

Sorry for the delay in posting prior comments, but thanks all for your concern.  A week out and I’m feeling a little more secure with myself.

That said, I’m still hesitant to go back to Hippie Hollow any time soon.  Eventually I’ll have to I suppose because I still have the bottle of Fris vodka I bought in exchange for shacking up with my friend over the weekend.  But what fun is Hippie Hollow if I can’t go down to where the water is?  Another accident and I’ll probably be banned from the park!

But I have a trip to Europe coming up, which involves at least 2 nude beach adventures.  I have no intention going without my body being the exact same color on my ass as it is on my face.

So I went in search of other Texas nudist haunts. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a memory of hearing about a beach nearby or a resort.   A quick google search later reminded me of the Bolivar/McFadden beach…which, if memory serves me, is not quite “official.”  Besides, that I’m not sure of the condition after Rita and Ike.  Today is the start of hurricane season and sure enough there were plenty of reports and photos regarding the obliteration of the Bolivar peninsula…which has yet to fully recover.

So I looked for the resort.  I’m not usually a fan of resorts as they tend to involve a lot more socializing  and “rules” than I prefer.  Besides, the only thing I want to do nude is lie down or swim.  Given my usual need for a bra Volleyball, tv watching, and cook outs just aren’t as fun when nude.  But beggars can’t be choosy.  So I’ve decided on Emerald Lake resort.

The pros:

  • Much closer than Austin
  • They have a lake for swimming (and sand to collect!)
  • They have wi-fi (not sure if that will be an issue though)
  • Chances are I won’t leave with a rash
  • No rock climbing
  • beach chairs

The cons:

  • I have a horrid inkling that they are of different ilk than Hippie Hollow folks
  • Costs $20 more to get in than at Hippie Hollow…but when I factor in the gas it probably comes out even
  • Lots of “events” going on

So at some point before July 4th I will be testing the waters.  Stay tuned! 

Too bad I’ll miss the record breaking skinny dip!

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