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One Small Step!

I’ve been debating when to buy my tickets to Amsterdam…because I’m damn well going…DAMMIT!   Yesterday on a whim I checked out Continental Airline’s website (really the only go-to airline for Houstonians).   I’ve learned from past experience that the rates on that site are ALWAYS cheaper than any of the usual suspects (Orbitz, Travelocity, etc).  But I was not expecting what I found.

I swear last time I looked about a month ago the tickets were well over 1k.  Yesterday they were only $829 ($699 for  different days than those of my chosing). 

Of course then I was at a stand-still.  Should I wait for them to go down…and run the risk of them not only going up in price but losing a beloved window seat (I have this neurotic thing about being able to see out of the plan at all times)?  Today I decided not to risk it.  I found out that the extra cheap ones ($699) were pretty much booked (no windows).   I will absolutely die if I can’t watch at least take off an landing.  So I booked my ticket…and currently have a whole row to myself.  And the row in front of me.  And the row in back of me.  I have no doubt I’ll be surrounded by take-off. Continental is notorious for overbooking and shoving people on the next flight.

No turning back now!

End Note: I am now in the actual detailed planning phase of this Amsterdam/Beligum/Paris trip.  I am in no way shape or form a “cultured” person.  So don’t go expecting any recaps about how beautiful this or that painting was. Naturally I have to visit the Lourve (because that’s just what you do in Paris), but that’s about it as far as museums go.  Art is boring.  Old art is especially boring.  I’ll be roasting my lovely ass on a beach while you guys watch paint dry (even more). 

Now…consider me giddy!


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I once read somewhere that it’s easier to make friends out of nudists than it is nudists out of friends. I’m inclined to think the same holds true for boyfriends and dates, though to a lesser extent. Lesser only because when it comes to the notion that sex may at some point come into the picture, guys will do just about anything. I say that based on experience.

I love men.

Anyway, I’ve decided that it would be nice to try actually visiting a nude beach under a less targeted status…namely that of a “couple”, as opposed to “single female.” It’s not that I don’t enjoy the attention…to a point; It’s that it would be nice to spend time being naked and lazy with someone I would know wasn’t psycho, lewd, boring, bothersome, or out for some ulterior motive.

The tricky part is introducing my love of nude beaches. Of course I haven’t officially become serious about my hunt for a partner (and trust me…it’s is hunting) because I have a wild and adventurous trip to Amsterdam planned, and I’d like to enjoy it guilt free. But preparation is everything. Most of my friends are men so I’ve asked each and received mixed reviews on the issue of when to bring it up. One said that stating it in my online profile would be an open invitation for weirdos, perverts, and players. Another pointed out that if I worded it right it would be ok. I decided to mention a certain nudist hang out nearby and leave it at that. Half the prospects won’t even know about it. The other half will either fall into the category of men listed above, or be into it. After a bit of weeding: Win, win!

And before any of you seasoned individuals start, yes I know about Nudistfriends.com. And yes, I am a member…with a head shot. I’ve thought of posting a “site appropriate” photo (from my *ahem* days). However, if you’ve been on the site you’ll know this: 90% of the profiles in or around my area have no photo. Understandable, but suspicious all the same. In regular dating lingo this spells: MARRIED. The 10% that are left seem to be a mix of people looking for an easy lay (because naturally if she’s into nude beaches she must be a slut) or seriously into nude beaches but not my cup of tea.

Of course that hasn’t stopped men from halfway around the world from contacting me. Side note: how come every European I know speaks 5 different languages and travels to 10 different countries “for work?”  What did I miss out on when choosing professions??? It would be very flattering if I was in or moving to, say, Germany (the number 1 suspect)…or any place in Europe, in which each country is so deliciously accessible. Damn the US for being so nationalistically anti-European Union…and, well, far away. I’d happily give up my citizenship and move in a heartbeat.

Right now I’m banking on meeting a guy while I’m in Europe who will fall head over heels in love and sweep me off to a life of nationalized health care and nude beaches for miles. A girl can dream.

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