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Image by sbisson via Flickr
Image by sbisson via Flickr

You may think that my little sand collection is just a quirky way to gather attention to my travels.  But no, I seriously dig sand.  Just look at the image header…it’s all so diverse!  And really, who would use sand, probably one of the most mundanely boring things on earth, to get attention?

So imagine my ecstasy upon stumbling upon this site.  Five beaches with oddly colored sand. Three of them in Hawaii. Now you know why it was on my top 10.  The good news is that apparently one of my future nude beach travels, Pfeiffer Beach also seems to have a rainbow sort of coloring to it. Two of my favorite travel bonuses rolled up into one package. I can’t wait for Christmas!


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To date I have a measly 5 bottles of sand under my belt. This means I’m sorely lacking in my quota for the month.  Fortunately I have a trip to sunny Puerto Rico coming up which should at least double my current collection.  A little bird told me that there is even an unofficial nude beach to be found.  I’m not sure how that will work with me being at a conference for work, but I’m determined to fit it in.  Especially since they mentioned red sand.

Right now my bottles are housed in a little hidey-hole in the hallway to my bedrooms. What with the glass vases, guardian angel, and sea shells also being housed there I know it’s going to be time to make a change soon. 

I have been desperately trying to find an appropriate shelf that was not too deep and, hopefully, had a slight border to keep the bottles from accidentally falling off.  I saw these:


They are tins measuring 4 inches diameter and have magnets on the back. I thought maybe I could have an entire magnetic wall of sand tins.  Then I thought about how that would be either awesome or awesomely tacky, and I wouldn’t know which until it was too late.  Besides, I would have had to change the title of this blog to 1000 Tins of Sand.

It doesn’t have the same appeal.

I was desperate enough to go to Home Depot and check out the wood to make my own damn shelves…until giving up. Then I headed to the Container Store, where I originally purchased the bottles, in the hopes that maybe they had some sort of stand for them that I could use to display them.  And then the heavens opened up.  I saw this:


The bonus is, I measured my wall at 104 inches or about 8.5 feet. These are 48 inches so they will fit perfectly side by side on the wall with a sophisticated little space between them. It even has the border around it! I’m not hot to trot about the little silver holders peeking out, but that’s easily fixable with paint.

To avoid impulse shopping I promised myself I wouldn’t buy one until I had enough bottles to fill it. I figured it at about 32. So 27 more to go! I’m thinking Puerto Rico and California will take care of that.

Of course by the time I get 32, they’ll have discontinued the whole damn line.

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